Full ceramic crowns

In holistic dentistry, we avoid using metals. The crowns will therefore be made of ceramic without metal screed, EMAX or full Zirconia according to clinical indications.


Venneers are thin ceramic films that adhere to the surface of the teeth. This technique allows aesthetic treatments to be performed whilst removing very little dental substance. It is therefore very holistic.


In biological dentistry, we treat dental decay with biocompatible materials.

While composites can fill small cavities, in the treatment of large cavities it is necessary to use ceramics to recreate the original shapes of natural teeth and contact points with adjacent teeth in an aesthetically satisfying and durable manner.

Dental whitening

A beautiful, radiant smile is a real pleasure.

Whitening is carried out in the office using powerful products under professional conditions, and can be continued or completed at home with products we've chosen for you. We'll prepare custom-made trays to enable you to use the whitening products.

Invisible orthodontics

Orthodontics can be performed by using invisible aligners, which is particularly advantageous for adults or teenagers who want discreet treatment.

We'll take x-rays, impressions, study casts and photos to determine whether your treatment qualifies for this aesthetic orthodontic treatment, and you'll be able to view a video preview of the final result.