Immediate implants

The Short Cut Concept (SCC)

In our practice, we promote immediate implantation with ceramic implants according to the Short Cut Concept (SCC), developed by Dr Ulrich Volz, whenever possible.

This means that the implant is inserted immediately after the tooth has been removed. We take particular care to ensure that the surgical area is perfectly clean and disinfected, because zirconia implants, unlike titanium implants, only heal in perfectly healthy bone (which is what we want to achieve for your health). Immediate implantation avoids the need for further surgery, which in turn saves time and money. A protocol including orthomolecular treatment (taking vitamins and nutrients in accordance with the Bone Healing Protocol), local disinfection with ozone and will make the post-operative period as comfortable as possible by optimising the body's ability to heal properly. Your adherence to this BHP protocol is crucial. It begins at least 14 days before the planned date of surgery and continues 14 days after the operation. Depending on the type of operation and your general state of health, this protocol can be modified and extended for a total of 8 weeks.