Removal of metals

Amalgam removal procedures

Many mistakes are often made when amalgam fillings are removed, particularly by dentists who are unaware of the problems associated with heavy metals and remove amalgam fillings without taking any special precautions. During this procedure, a large quantity of mercury vapour, a highly toxic component, is produced in the mouth. After amalgam removal, patients frequently complain of neurological symptoms, chronic fatigue and muscle or joint pain. This is why amalgam removal must be carried out under appropriate protection.

In biological dentistry, we are particularly attentive to this protection, using the following procedures:

Protection of the body and organism:

To ensure that your body is well prepared for the elimination of amalgams, you will begin a detoxification protocol 14 days before your appointment. You can choose between our protocol and an external protocol of your choice.

Despite all the precautions we take for this procedure in biological dentistry, a small amount of mercury vapour may still be deposited in your body.

The protocol we propose is designed to prepare your body as effectively as possible for the removal of amalgam fillings, enabling it to better absorb and eliminate the toxic mercury. It minimises the risk of an increase in toxicity during amalgam removal. It is in no way a chelation programme for heavy metals. The latter can only begin once your mouth has been completely cleaned up biologically (metals, disruptive field, Nico, etc.).