Biological dental care

Biological dental care

In a growing number of indications, you can restore your teeth while keeping them alive, thanks to the use of cosmetic materials.

You'll benefit from the most advanced techniques for complying with the strict protocols for their application, ensuring that they last as long as possible.

For a small cavity, we use a biological composite restoration based on TEGDMA- and HEMA-free matrix technology - safe and preserving.

The fact that TEGDMA and HEMA are not used in the composition of the product is a major advantage for patients with a known allergy to these products. This reduces the risk of contamination by these products through skin contact or saliva release, and their subsequent entry into the circulation.

For a large cavity, a ceramic inlay is indicated.Only a ceramic inlay can rebuild the complex shape of a tooth in a stable and durable manner.

Bonding techniques involve strict protocols, such as the use of an operating field (rubber dam) to isolate the tooth from saliva during the various phases of filling.