Oral & General Health

Oral health is a mirror of your general health.

Today we know that our health depends on the balance between the bacteria and viruses we have inside us, and our immune system.

In a healthy state, our immune system controls bacteria and viruses. Damage to dental tissue (gums and bone) is a sign of a perturbed digestive system. In periodontitis, we find viruses that facilitate the destructive activity of bacteria, in particular Herpes virus, Epstein Barr virus or Cytomegalovirus. We now know that certain bacteria found in periodontal disease can be directly implicated in the development of cancers such as prostate or colon cancer. The virulent herpes associated with Propionibacterium and Helicobacter Pylori can contribute to the onset of Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease. Bone is the last tissue in the human body to be attacked! Bone damage should therefore be taken extremely seriously.

Our mission

We are a veritable sentinel for your general health and, by applying our knowledge of Integrative Medicine, we can work on the causes of a health problem rather than on the symptoms it causes.

So don't be surprised if we talk to you about digestion, microbiota etc.... We may propose to help you by establishing your digestive, immunosuppression and autoimmune profile.


The assessment is performed by analyzing expired breath gases on an empty stomach, a Wood's lamp examination, a temperature reading with a thermal camera, a blood analysis and a complete history with a thermal camera, etc. The result is an appropriate therapy based on symptoms, therapeutic risks and intermediate results.