Our philosophy

Integrative holistic dental medicine

The philosophy of Biological Dentistry is based on dental treatment that takes into consideration the whole health of the patient and his or her environment.
Today, it's clear that our approach to your health must include the promotion of a beautiful smile, the enhancement of immunity and the prevention of infections caused by bacteria or viruses.
In everything we do, we take into consideration what distorts your smile and your health, by assessing the reciprocal impact of the oral environment and the body as a whole.

Why ?

The deterioration of your oral health can lead to :

In the same way, an immune deficiency due to a deficient digestive system makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to destroy your gums and bones.

Our aim is to help you regain the pleasure of living in balance... to benefit from well-being.

How ?

Firstly, by carrying out a complete check-up of the toxic elements affecting your health, and an immunity assessment that takes into account the environment in which you live. By applying Integrative Biological Dental Medicine using the latest techniques and our continually updated knowledge to help you regain your smile and improved health. This approach is also preventive.
En mettant en œuvre une Médecine Dentaire Biologique Intégrative qui utilise les techniques les plus récentes, nos connaissances continuellement mises à jour afin de vous aider à retrouver votre sourire et une santé améliorée. Cette approche est également préventive

Analysis of your assessment will determine your treatment priorities and pace of progress.

What ?

Our competence include: