Dr. Biljana Milic

Dr. Biljana Milic


Dr. Biljana Milic

Dr. Stom. 1988 University of Dental Medicine in Belgrade. Since 1990 I have been working as a dentist in Switzerland and regularly attend training courses in all areas of dentistry and biological dentistry in Switzerland in order to keep up to date.

I am a member of :

  • SGZM (Swiss Society for Holistic Dentistry)
  • GZM (International Society for Holistic Dentistry)
  • SSO (Swiss Society of Dentists)

In the course of my many years of professional experience, I have become increasingly enthusiastic about the energetic connections between the body, the teeth and the psyche. Teeth are not only tools for chewing, but also a mirror for the expression of psychic contents.

My work focuses particularly on :

  • Aesthetic dentistry
  • Removal of amalgam fillings according to protocol
  • Biological plastic fillings (without TEGDMA and HEMA)
  • Metal-free all-ceramic crowns, inlays and bridges
  • Fixed and removable prostheses
  • Orthodontic treatments with invisible splints
  • Tooth whitening
  • Dental prophylaxis

I have been working in the dental practice Feinsinn-Zahngesundheit since May 2020.


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