Dr. Sandrina Reisinger

Dr. Sandrina Reisinger


Dr. Sandrina Reisinger

Let me introduce myself to you:
My name is Sandrina Reisinger. Working in dentistry is a tradition in my family; my great-grandfather already practised this profession.

I can answer the question about my motivation in the same way today as I did then: As a dentist, I directly experience the result of my medical work. In no other field do emotions play such an important role: eating, speaking, facial expressions and laughing have such a direct impact on a person's well-being.

I grew up in beautiful central Switzerland, studied in Basel and passed my state examination. Already during my studies, my interest in holistic-biological dentistry was awakened by working in my father's practice.

After obtaining my federal diploma, I did postgraduate training in integrative orthodontics, which has been one of my main professional focuses ever since.

My little patients are highly motivated to wear their bionators. With their infectious laughter, they bring a lot of joy into my daily work, especially when I am able to witness the developmental steps - physically and mentally - that the "bionator children" make during treatment.

Apart from orthodontics, I work in general dentistry and am very passionate about the treatment with biocompatible dentures.


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