Dr. Bruno Marciano

Dr. Bruno Marciano


Dr. Bruno Marciano

Dr Bruno Marciano graduated from the Faculty of Dental Surgery in Strasbourg in 1987 and has been in private practice since 1989. He has attended and continues to follow regular training courses in Europe and the USA. He has specialised in periodontics, aesthetic dentistry and implantology, and has been placing implants since 1993.

He has co-founded scientific training societies and has delivered surgical and prosthetic implant techniques to hundreds of practitioners. Passionate about a comprehensive approach to his patients, he has learned about medical hypnosis, which he teaches himself at the Ecole Centrale d'Hypnose in Paris. He has also followed hypnosis training courses in Germany.

He has regularly given lectures on managing patient and staff stress in dental practices. Today, he treats his patients with biological dentistry and practices the elimination of metals, neuro-therapy, the elimination of disruptive fields and the placement of ceramic implants according to the Short Cut Concept developed by Dr VOLZ.

Aware of the continuity of the oral mucosa with the intestinal mucosa and of their decisive role in immune status and the development of neurodegenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases and cancers, he trained in Integrative Medicine and is a graduate of the ECIM.. He uses the exhaled gas technique developed by gastro-entero-oncologist Dr Bruno Donatini

He moved to Luzern when he took over Dr VIHAN's practice in August 2017.

Dr Bruno Marciano speaks French, German and English, as well as Italian and Spanish...


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